Turnkey Media Solutions®  provides our customers and yours with streaming music services and fully customized streaming radio on a network developed specifically for your business. Each hour consists of a great mix of music and optimal messaging, selected and tailored to amplify your brand in the best way possible. All music is streamed via Internet connection utilizing a digital media player that we install for you.

• Is there a well-known voice associated with your brand?
• Has research shown you that certain messaging is most effective during certain times of year?

Turnkey Media Solutions® allows you to create specific, customized messaging to be played at a frequency that best fits your business model.

Whether you have a script ready for recording or need our professional sales writers to craft the perfect script for your business, we’ll take care of everything. From finding voiceover talent to the actual recording of your messages, you’ll soon be able to provide a truly customized in-store streaming music and messaging experience, perfected for your audience.

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