Each of the Professional Rights Organizations (PROs) are responsible for collecting all performance royalties and distributing them to artist, songwriters, publishers, and recording labels.

Using services such as Pandora, SiriusXM Radio, Spotify, or other “consumer based” music service that does not include public performance licenses fees is typically not legal to use in a business. If you are using a “consumer based” music service to broadcast music in your business you may be violating the service’s terms of service and may be liable for copyright infringement.

It’s important to note that business such as doctor’s offices, dentist’s offices; restaurant/bars, retail stores, hair salons, quick service restaurants, hotels, hospitals, etc. are normally covered under our licensing services. For businesses in which an admission fee, cover charge, membership fee, or administrative fee (e.g. a theme park, skating rink, dance club, health club, bowling alley, etc.) or use additional music sources other than (e.g. CDs, DJs, live music or terrestrial radio, etc.), are required to obtain licensing services directly from ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, (SOCAN and ReSound in Canada) for any sound recordings used. These fees are in addition to the licensing fees that are included in our music service fees.

If you have more questions about licensing and how it applies to your business give us a call.