Turnkey Media Solutions® employs a propriety Streaming Business Radio Solution, built and hosted on a best-in-class, Class-A hybrid foundation. Our application and database servers live within the Rack Space Enterprise Cloud Network, with Digital Asset Delivery hosted within the Akamai Intelligent Platform, with all data synced in real-time via the Akamai API. Our core code is developed in ASP.Net MVC (C#) inside of an enterprise deployment of Microsoft Team Foundation. All code is developed in a three-stage development setup consisting of Development, Staging/Testing and Production environments.

Turnkey Media Solutions® only utilizes the latest in SQL database technology for data storage and integration, and our web services are integrated into each application providing automation across all applications and databases. By utilizing the Rack Space Cloud Network and the Akamai Intelligent Platform we are able to ramp up distribution and support for an unlimited number of Streaming Business Radio devices on a global scale.



Founded in 1998, Akamai Technologies remains the world leader in digital asset delivery, responsible for serving between 15 and 20 percent of the world’s online traffic and having partnered with the world’s largest companies including Microsoft, Google, etc.
At Turnkey Media Solutions®, we employ Akamai’s Intelligent Platform, as it is the largest and most stable digital asset delivery backbone in the world. All of our music and messaging files are hosted in the Akamai intelligent cloud network, offering the most pervasive cloud optimization platform with 137,000 servers in 87 countries within over 1,150 networks.



As the leader in cloud computing, Rackspace offers premium IT hosting services around the world, in both managed and intensive capacities. Rackspace combines public and private cloud and dedicated bare metal computing to deliver optimal infrastructure to clients. At Turnkey Media Solutions®, all of our applications are hosted in the Enterprise Cloud Network, including the Device Manager and Application and database servers. A trusted provider for hundreds of thousands of companies around the world, we utilize Rackspace for optimal computing solutions.



At Turnkey Media Solutions®, our core code is developed in ASP.Net MVC (C#) inside of an enterprise deployment of Microsoft Team Foundation. Our three-stage development process consists of Development, Staging/Testing, and Production and we utilize the latest in Mircosoft Enterprise development tools and SQL database technology available.



Leading software providers at Xamarin provide Turnkey Media Solutions® with visual studio integration and cross-platform development tools to create a best-in-class mobile streaming application. Also used by some of the world’s largest companies, Xamarin’s platform allows for native performance with a native UI experience.

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